Thursday, 6 August 2015

The path along the church

The church of Maboge (in the Ardennes) is in fact a very normal church, only the weather vane is a bit out of balance. Walking down towards that church you pass by  a weeping willow, a fence, some walls around the gardens of the houses in that street and of course the churchyard.
I was attracted by that church, the wall around the churchyard with the streetlight and that weeping willow at the other side of the street. So I made my sketch and started to think about my painting.
Using the complementary colours yellow and violet gives a colour range from the pure yellow via all the brownish grey shades in between them to pure violet. As the image is very simple, the limited palette gives a very surrealistic atmosphere to the path along the church.

More information about this watercolour (size, colours used etc.) can be found at

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