Friday, 4 September 2015

Hubermont - looking in the other direction

I was on a one week painting trip in the Ardennes this summer and came home with some nice watercolours and a lot of ideas for more. 
One morning we went sketching on a hilltop in Hubermont, not far from the place we were staying.
On that hilltop I made two sketches, one of them was already used for a painting  I made that same day, the other one is the inspiration for this painting. 
I simply turned around and sketched what I saw: the road I was standing on, some fields to my right and ahead of me, the woodland on my left, the distant trees and hilltops and the clouds in the sky. I felt that I could make a nice little watercolour out of that scene.
Well, that feeling was right! 
I worked with a limited palette, changed the colours a bit and created this watercolour.

The information about the size of this watercolour and the colours I used can be found at

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