Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Gorge - now as a charcoal drawing

The watercolour painting I made before was not really the painting I wanted to paint.
The subject may be a bit too much for watercolour: with both the massive mountains and the foggy atmosphere in the distance together in a painting one of those is bound to go wrong somehow. 
Or maybe I just need more years of experience.

But I really wanted to paint this scene!
So if watercolour does not work, then I have to try this in another technique. 
I got my charcoal and a Conté pencil (in sepia) and started to work on the Gorge again. Working with both materials together is something I tried only once, but drawing this was not hard to do. Well, the technical part wasn't. 
The subject is still not easy for me and that might just be because I live in an very flat country.

The reference photo was taken by my son Martijn when he visited Taiwan a few years ago. As I described in my post with the watercolour painting in it, he told me about the clouds hanging so low that the tops of the mountains were invisible and the atmosphere in the gorge was muggy.  

More information about this drawing and the watercolours I made of Taroko Gorge can be found at www.jannekesatelier.co.nr 

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