Sunday, 17 July 2016

Walking around 'Naardermeer' - the map

After our walk around the Naardermeer - now two months ago - I started painting watercolours and drawing with charcoal after all the pictures we made. 
Those paintings are already posted here, with numbers 1 to 8 and some extra because I painted some scenes twice.
The trail is indicated on a map and I added  numbers to indicate where my paintings were inspired. In one of my previous posts I already mentioned that I was doing this and would show the map when I considered it (almost) complete. 
So here it is!
For now I will stop painting after the pictures we made around the Naardermeer, mostly because next week I will be on a short painting trip in the Ardennes and will get loads of inspiration there.

More information about all the paintings I made with the Naardermeer as my inspiration can be found at my website

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