Thursday, 18 August 2016

A day at Castle 'Keukenhof' - the walled garden

My daughter and I went to 'Kasteel Keukenhof' to visit Castle Fest. My daughter brought  her camera and made several beautiful pictures. 
Castle Fest is an event in Fantasy style and many people dress up in wonderful costumes. We did not wear great costumes, as Riska wanted to move freely with her camera and I wanted to make some charcoal drawings.
The event is really nice to visit, not only to look at the people, but also look at everything that is for sale in the fantasy market!

Two or three times we laid down a blanket and i stayed behind to draw and look after all our stuff while Riska went about with her camera.
The first stop was in the walled garden. There were still fruit trees at the walls and they were not totally crowded with photographers and their subjects so I decided to draw these - to get in the mood of the estate.

There really were lots of people and other things to see, so I only made two drawings that day - the second one will be posted also.

More information about this charcoal drawing can be found at my website 

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