Sunday, 4 October 2015

Autumn colours the sky

As the days grow shorter I drive to work during the hour of sunrise  more and more often, and I can enjoy the wonderful colours in the sky. Most of the time there are clouds so they add to the beauty of it all. Of course I only look and try to remember in order to come home safely again in the afternoon.
The landscape of a highway with noise barriers on both sides is not really inspiring for a painting, so I only remembered the colours and the clouds and fitted them in a landscape I painted before. So in fact I re-used a sketch made from a reference photo my daughter Mariska made for me.
This scene is very close to my home, it's a view from the bridge over the river Merwede and I gave it the colours I remembered the best from those mornings a few weeks ago.

More information about this painting and the one I made before can be found at 

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