Sunday, 20 December 2015

Veluwe - now as a snowscape

I am still experimenting with the possibilities of my new set of Twilight Colours.
This time - inspired by all the snowscapes that are appearing on fb this time of the year - I decided to transform an autumn landscape into a snowscape. In fact that is not so very difficult; you just need another set of colours, a bit of salt and some patience.
My first plan was to make the ground dark with a few white patches and so I started out making the sky, bushes , trees and the falling snow and left the painting to dry completely. When I stepped back I decided to change that plan and make the ground white with a few dark patches and some shadows. It really didn't need much more than a few carefully placed touches.

As reference  I used a picture my husband Peter made for me when we were walking in the Renderklippen (the Veluwe) last October.

More information about this painting (size, colours used, etc.) can be found at 

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