Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Walking around the 'Naardermeer'

Last weekend we went for a walk around the Naardermeer - and 'we' are my husband, my son, my son's girlfriend and me. The walk is about 20 kms and we made lots of pictures. 

The Naardermeer is a very special area in the Netherlands, so I give some information I translated from the Wikipedia page: 
"Naardermeer is a protected area on the northwestern border of the Gooi, between Muiderberg, Naarden, Hilversum  and Weesp. It is a lake area with reeds, meadows and swamp. It accommodates many (unique) wetland plants and animals, such as cormorants. It was the first area that Natuurmonumenten purchased after its creation in 1906 to protect, and was the first Dutch nature reserve."
"In 1874, the Eastern Railway between Amsterdam and Amersfoort was inaugurated. This line cuts through Naardermeer from west to east."
Of course there is much more information to be found, but these quotes describe the area very well.

As I already mentioned, we made lots of pictures and a large part of those pictures have the railway and some trains in them. 
The weather was cloudy and after some time we were feeling windswept.

I had to choose a picture to be the first to be painted and this was my choice: clouds, fields, the railroad, water, reeds and even the remains of a gate are in it.

The landscape has much more variations and surprises, so there are more watercolour paintings to come.

More information about this watercolour (size, colours used, etc) can be found at my website www.jannekesatelier.tk 

please note: my website's address has changed a bit due to circumstances beyond our influence. 

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