Sunday, 1 May 2016

View on Ptuj

As I mentioned before, my children like to travel and they bring home lots of pictures and stories. Both the pictures and the stories are inspiring me to paint although sometimes the pictures have to wait a while before I am ready to use them.

This is a scene in Slovenia, the small town of Ptuj as can be seen across the river Drava. The reference picture was made by my son Martijn.

The reflections of the buildings and the trees in the water attracted my attention here and I have been wanting to paint it several times, but I kept hesitating about what paper size to use and how to crop the reference picture - or not at all.
Today I just started sketching and ended up approximately halfway the reference picture. 
This way I could give more attention to the reflections and that is what I wanted to do here.

More information about this watercolour (size, colours used, etc) can be found on my website 

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