Saturday, 18 June 2016

Walking around the 'Naardermeer' - 6

After three paintings with blue, grey and green as most important colours, I wanted to do something different. 
The scene is familiar - a small lake with reeds, some bushes and lots of clouds hanging over but now I decided to transfer that to the Twilight colours. Working like that is a bit more challenging than transferring to black and white - like when I make a charcoal drawing - but I like challenges like that.

The reference picture was taken by my son from a bird watcher's hideout overlooking the small lake called 'Hilversumse Bovenmeent'. As it was getting late in the afternoon, the birdwatchers had already left - as had the birds. 
Still the view was great and worth being painted, especially with those clouds.

More information about this watercolour and the other paintings I made after our walk around the 'Naardermeer' can be found at my new website 

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