Sunday, 26 June 2016

Walking around 'Naardermeer' - 7

The trail around the 'Naardermeer' is about 20 km long so there is a lot of variety in the landscape. 
I have already painted the lakes themselves, a small patch of forest, some marshlands and now I have painted fields with oxen and a very large tree, I think it may be an old oak tree.
The combination of the standing tree, the fallen one and the large animals scattered over the area inspired me to paint this scene. I had to gather some courage because I usually don't include animals in my paintings, so even though we saw this scene very soon after we began our walk, it is the seventh scene I am painting.
It was not really difficult to paint them, it is not easy to make an accurate drawing on the surface of my watercolour paper. 

The sky looks still light, the darker clouds I have painted in my other paintings came in shortly after the moment we were looking at these fields. 

More information about this watercolour and the other paintings I made after our walk around the 'Naardermeer'  can be found at my new website 

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