Sunday, 28 February 2016

Are you sure that's where you want to go?

Somewhere in Ireland there is this road lined with beautiful old trees. As it is a famous scene, my son Martijn visited it as a part of a touristic ride. He made some nice pictures and I got permission to use them as references.
Because the scene is famous, I wanted to make something not so ordinary. Besides, the atmosphere of that road with those trees hanging over can be a bit eerie and I wanted to lay emphasis on that aspect.
As the trees were still bare I did not have to change anything about them, just exaggerate the dark shadows a bit. 

While working I was confronted with one of the limitations of charcoal: as I am working with a stick of charcoal, not a pencil, I cannot work very detailed. Well, in this case that only adds to the atmosphere I wanted to create....

More information about this charcoal drawing can be found at 

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