Thursday, 25 February 2016

National Treasure 386

A few years ago my son Martijn was in Seoul, South Korea for an internship. Of course he worked hard but also found time to make trips to touristic attractions.

He lived very close to Changgyeong Palace - or Changgyeonggung so he visited that site several times. In early springtime the sakura trees blossom, so he tried hard to make pictures with as few tourists as possible - and of course as much blossoms as possible.
The reference picture I used to paint this watercolour also features Okcheongyo Bridge. This bridge serves as a symbolic entry to the courtyard and is designated as National Treasure 386. (Wikipedia: Changgyeonggung)

Again it took me some time to decide on my composition, I cropped the picture a bit and changed the position and size of a few of the trees.
As the scene is in early spring I painted with soft colours and adding darks only in the trees and the shadows under the bridge. I have been adding to the depth of the shadows carefully, too little is not good, too much would be even worse. 
I had fun working on this one and am really happy with the result.

More information about this painting (size, colours used) can be found at 

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