Sunday, 14 February 2016

Dark clouds... (over Bentheim Castle)

Last autumn we made a short trip to Bad Bentheim, in Germany and visited the Castle. That castle has been painted by Jacob van Ruisdael in 1653 so it's famous in our country. Of course things changed over the years so that famous view is not there anymore. The castle is surrounded by modern buildings now.
When we were entering the gate for a visit to the castle grounds I saw some really dark clouds hanging over and asked my daughter Mariska to take a reference picture for me. 
It took me a few months to decide how I would use that picture. 
There are some walls, a tree in front of the wall of the castle building, some trees or bushes behind the wall surrounding the area and of course those dark clouds. 
Not much to make a watercolour painting very interesting, so after some thinking I decided to make a charcoal drawing. Besides, using only black and white also helps to unite the picture.
Of course I am still exploring the possibilities of charcoal, but I am really happy with this result!

More information about this drawing can be found at 


  1. Mooi hor! Weer erg spookachtig; er zou zo een hoofdloze ruiter deze tekening binnen kunnen lopen, of een zombie-samurai.

  2. Dank je! Het is fijn om te weten dat ik het nog steeds kan....
    Thank you! It's nice to know I still got it....