Thursday, 28 April 2016

Lough Corib - looking over the green fields

Last year in the springtime my son and his girlfriend went on a short trip to Ireland. They visited a lot of touristic sites and brought home a lot of pictures - of course.
They both made a series of pictures at a spot overlooking Lough Corib and I chose this view for a painting. The reference picture was made by Claudia, my son's girlfriend.

It was not really easy to give depth to a landscape that looks almost monochrome green but the walls in the fields helped a lot. 
The tree in the foreground was starting to get its foliage, but it was not complete yet. That gives a nice view of the shorelines and the islands of the lough.

What attracted me in the series of pictures I chose this one from was the feeling of continuity, those fields and walls are there from a long time ago and will still be there a long time from now.
I really hope I have conveyed this feeling in my painting.

More information about this watercolour and the others I made after the Ireland pictures my son and his girlfriend made can be found at 

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