Saturday, 17 February 2018

Getting Green energy

The 'model' for this little painting can be found in the Chinese Garden of "Diergaarde Blijdorp", the Zoo of Rotterdam. My daughter Mariska made some pictures for me a few years ago and these have been waiting for inspiration to come.
This lantern is in the middle of a pond and the holes in it made me think of fishing: the fishing rod fits nicely in there. 
The title refers to the energy source of the lantern. Of course that is electricity but the quest for sustainable energy sources is an important issue nowadays so my imagination came up with something 'green'. Not so very realistic but fun to paint.

This time I have been painting almost dry-on-dry, with just a little water and using small brushes and this is how I should paint on the Canson paper. It was easy now.
Because I have used concentrated Payne's grey for the dark lines I did not need to add ink lines. Another thing to remember for the next time.

More information about this watercolour painting can be found at my website 

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