Friday, 2 February 2018

Our Chestnut tree - Spring is coming... soon!

For this watercolour I had to try my skills in prediction. I have used the same reference picture I had made for the charcoal drawing I have published earlier and I have tried to predict how that set of branches will be looking like in springtime.
The reason for this prediction is a contest (of my favourite Watercolour art Magazine) with the theme "Spring".

Of course I could have painted flowers like snowdrops or crocuses or - there is a lot of choice here - but I always like to watch the change in the trees from bare to the moment that the first tender leaves are out and showing themselves. 
From my kitchen window I can see that happening to my chestnut tree and every year I think about making a picture each day to document this phenomenon.
For this 'prediction' I have combined some older pictures and the reference picture I have made several weeks ago.

I have made some study versions drawing the budding leaves, trying out a background and the composition. After making these studies I looked at them all carefully and decided which mistakes I had made in order to create a good submission for the contest.
The entry for the contest is closed now, so I am publishing my painting now, a few weeks after I have made it and submitted it.

I made a watercolour painting with a lot of regard about the composition and I have given it more a subdued atmosphere of expectation. Early spring is more expectation than celebration. The festive atmosphere comes later, when lots of flowers are blooming and all the trees have unfolded their leaves.

This was a nice challenge and I hope the next contest themes will be as inspiring for me as this one. If so, I certainly will participate again.

More information about this painting can be found at my website 

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