Thursday, 15 March 2018

Texel in winter: the beach of the Wadden Sea near the lighthouse - charcoal

Because of the very cold weather we have spent a lot more time inside the hotel than we usually do during our short vacation on Texel. The third day we were on the island we tried a walk in the eastern part, but returned to the car because of the cold wind.
In a restaurant we had some coffee and lunch and I asked the waitress where we could see the dry 'wadden' along the coastline. It was low tide so the time had to be right for that view.
We were directed to the lighthouse, in the northern parts of the island so there we went. 
Hopping in and out of the car to make pictures and getting warm again was the only way to get some views and reference pictures for future artwork. 
At some points we were able to cross the dunes or the dyke and go down to the beach. This is one of those places, very close to the ferry to Vlieland, the next Wadden Island.

The wooden structures inspired me to make a charcoal drawing. 
What the purpose of the structures is, we do not know, but they make a great subject for a drawing.
The sandy beach on the foreground probably is always accessible, further away are layers of ice on the Wadden Sea and maybe some of the sandbanks that fall dry during low tide. The background is open sea.

We have made several pictures during our short stay on Texel, so I do have references to make more drawings and watercolour paintings. I am looking forward to that!

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