Monday, 12 March 2018

Texel in winter: the Dunes of 'De Muy' - charcoal

On our short trip to Texel I brought my drawing materials, as I have already written in my previous post. My charcoal was packed also and I have made some charcoal drawings.
This is the first one, after a reference picture I have made in the dune landscape of 'De Muy', a bird reserve that is only open for the public outside of the breeding season. 
There were a lot of birds in the area who were busy staying warm and sheltered because of the very cold wind we had these days.

I was inspired by the vastness of the area and because we were on a relatively high spot we had a wide view to all sides. For a short time the wind was a little less strong so I took the camera and quickly made several pictures to all sides.
Back in the hotel I selected the picture that would be most suited for a charcoal drawing and set to work.

Of course I can draw or paint a scenery like this showing the vastness and the signs of winter, but I cannot really draw the cold wind that forced us to walk on and withheld me from making much more reference pictures.

More information about this charcoal drawing can be found at my website 

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