Saturday, 23 April 2016

Renggchäppeli - a mountain chapel in Switzerland

The reference photo for this one was taken by my son Martijn, as he walked in the area of the Pilatus mountain (Hergiswil, Switzerland) last winter. There is even a Christmas tree in front of the chapel! He gave me the name of the mountain, the pass and the village where he had been walking. Looking on the internet made me find the name of the chapel and that there has been a chapel on that spot since the year1567.

Showing a fence and some paths, the composition of the picture needed no modification, I only cropped it in order to get more emphasis to the chapel. 
As it was winter, the trees and bushes are bare, only some fir trees are still green. 
The scene is dominated by the birches and their fallen leaves that are giving a nice orange-brown colour to the mountainside in the background.

Painting this scene was fun! As I am not so very familiar with mountains, I thought it would be more of a challenge to me but I did not encounter great problems with this one.

More information (colours and paper used, size etc) can be found at my website 

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