Saturday, 16 April 2016

Sunset - rediscovering Indigo

Last winter my daughter Mariska traveled to Germany for a week to visit a friend. 
Somewhere in the last hours of the journey the sunset was beautifully visible from the train and she took some pictures with the idea that I might be able to use at least one of them.
In this scene the clouds are very feathery which is one of the attractions for me. I do not often get the chance to try to paint that kind of sky, we usually have clouds that are much more impressive.
The sun setting behind the trees is also really nice - and quite a challenge to get it believable.

For this painting I decided to make a small size and try to work with Indigo. That colour is perfect for evening skies, but not always easy to work with. When diluted too much it gets a greenish shade which does not fit in a sky - unless there is a thunderstorm approaching of course.

For more information about this painting (size, paper and colours used, etc) I invite you to visit my website 

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