Monday, 2 April 2018


Once again I have used one of the sketches that are published in 'Plaisirs de Peindre' to paint a still life. Most of the still life examples are about apples, oranges and other fruits, this one with bananas got my attention. I wanted to paint it using my 'white on black' technique and my new Metallic pencils.

The sketch was copied, not transferred so the dish is not as round as the example shows and there are some other 'mistakes' but my paintings are not meant to be an exact copy of the example given with the sketch. I am using my 'artistic license' here to make my own interpretation of the sketch that inspired me.

For this painting I have been using several layers to build up the colours of the bananas and I have added pencil lines in the end for the dark markings that appear on a banana peel when the fruit ripens. The dish was a bit easier as I have used only a few layers of paint. I did want the black of the paper to be shining through and I have used two of my new Metallic pencils for the lines on the dish, trying to give it a 'handmade' appearance.

This is a small size painting (again) because I have been experimenting with the combination of gouache, watercolour and pencils. The things I have learned while working on this little still life painting will be used again in other paintings.

More information (paints and pencils used, paper used, size, availability) can be found at my website 

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