Sunday, 22 April 2018

"Oude Buisse Heide" view from the Tea Pavilion

The weather was great, so we went for a walk in our beautiful nature. 
We decided to drive to the Natural Reserve "Oude Buisse Heide" and do a signposted walk of 5 km. 
The area of the  "Oude Buisse Heide" is really beautiful and famous for having been the summer residence of one of our most beloved poets, Henri√ętte Roland Holst. This signposted walk is said to be one of her favourite walks and has many information boards with her poems along the path.

The walking route passes many ponds and in this season there are lots of mosquitoes in the air. Every time we stood still they tried to land on my arms, my head, etc. So we did not stand still for long, just long enough to make pictures. 
This is the view from the Tea Pavilion. I rested the camera on the handrail and made some pictures for reference. 

I liked the wide view combined with the branches of the tall tree that stands next to the pavilion. The grasslands right in front of the pavilion have some ditches, not all are directly visible, their presence is only shown by the lines in the grass.
The tree is not having all its foliage yet, as the spring has just begun. In summer the view will be very different from what I have painted.

This is a small size painting, because I thought the subject is perfect for that approach. 
There are more pictures, so I will be painting and drawing scenes from this Natural Reserve in the future.

More information about this watercolour painting can be found at my website 

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