Friday, 27 April 2018

Dead tree stump - a charcoal drawing

The forest areas of our Natural Reserves are being managed in a way that enables the biodiversity to grow. Which means that dead trees are left where they are (only when it is safe for the people who visit the area) to decay and provide shelter and food to insects, rodents and birds as long as possible.

During our walk in the "Oude Buisse Heide" we saw this dead tree stump among lots of very young trees and some older ones. The sunlight was on the white wood of the dead tree and this view really did catch my attention. 
Because of the abundance of mosquitoes I did not stop for a sketch but took some reference pictures and walked on. 
I decided to make a charcoal drawing when I was taking the pictures, to make the dead tree stand out as much as possible . 

The drawing process was a bit - what shall I say,  I had to wash my hands more than once because I use my fingers instead of a feather or a stumper. But I did have fun and the result is what I hoped it would be.

More information about this charcoal drawing (materials used, size, availability, etc) can be found at my wbsite 

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