Sunday, 15 April 2018

Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam - stormy weather

The reference picture for this painting was made a few years ago in Rotterdam. We had planned a boat trip, a short walk, a 'ride' with the river taxi and a dinner as a surprise for my mother, the occasion was Mother's Day.
The weather was stormy, so the walk to the departure of the boat trip - crossing the Erasmus Bridge - was quite a challenge! 
Once on the boat we made several pictures in the harbour area of Rotterdam and the Erasmus Bridge of course. That bridge is still beautifully white and looks great with a dark sky behind it.
Now, a few years later my mother requested a painting of that bridge for her home and I found this picture. So it is both a painting of a very special part of Rotterdam and a memory of a nice day together with the whole family.

For the painting I used only three colours and white for the highlights of the bridge and in the waves. Usually I do not use a ruler in a watercolour painting, for the tension cables of the bridge I made an exception. They really need to be straight!
I had some trouble finding the right 'green' for the river and the clouds but after some experiments I had found it. The water and clouds really can be green here, in the right weather conditions.

I am very happy that my mother likes the painting. So this one is not available..

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