Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Our chestnut tree in Springtime - a watercolour pencil drawing

A few months ago I made a charcoal drawing of some of the branches of our chestnut tree in winter. At that time I promised (myself) that I would try to record the budding of the leaves and flowers. 
The first weekend after Easter the leaves were starting to show just a little bit. So I made several reference pictures because the process of budding usually happens when I do not have much time for painting 'on the spot'. 
There are some more pictures waiting to be used, but I had to start at the beginning.

Because this subject is great for experimenting with all the materials I have available I decided to use my watercolour pencils and my Graphitint pencils. 
I started working dry and added some water when all the pencil work was done. I already know the colours that will emerge when water is applied to the Graphitint pencils so I only had pleasant surprises in these areas. 
I have been mixing the colours and the different types of pencil and the result really pleases me.

More information about this drawing and the other works I have made in which our chestnut tree is my model can be found at my website 

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