Thursday, 10 May 2018

Dead tree - a watersoluble pencil drawing

The wonderful springtime weather continues, so we went for a nice long (signposted) walk on a small estate that is now managed with the meaning to protect the nature.
The signposted walk started in an agriculture area, so we passed by fields with cows, fields with leeks, fields with horses,  ... 

After a while we came to a forest area with patches of moorland. 
One of those open areas in the forest had this dead tree trunk standing in the middle. This dead tree had mosses and lichen growing on the trunk and the colours were really nice.
So I made a few reference pictures and we walked on.

While making the pictures I had already planned to make a drawing using my Graphitint and watercolour pencils. I have only used water on the trees in the foreground to make them more visible against the background.

I really like this subject - a dead tree trunk in its surroundings. This is a nice subject to develop my drawing skills and to experiment with the pencils I have bought in the past years.

More information about this pencil drawing can be found at my website 

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