Friday, 11 May 2018

Freddy - made for a contest

In a previous post I have mentioned the contest of the magazine "Plaisirs de Peindre" and the fact that when you want to participate in the contest you can download twenty sketches that you are obliged to use for your entry.
One of the sketches was this cute cat, almost looking at me, asking to be painted.

As I do not really trust my drawing skills I traced the sketch using my window - and the sunlight of course. In this way I made an outline of the cat and the branch he is sitting on with a piece of charcoal. I faded these lines and started drawing the cat. Or is it a kitten?
I have used charcoal and some of my Tinted Charcoal Pencils for this one.

The model for the markings was one of my daughter's cats, a very gentle tabby cat.
She renamed him after he became her cat, but he was named Freddy before that. This was the inspiration for the title I gave this drawing.

This drawing was also submitted for the contest, I really hope he has a chance!

More information can be found at my website 

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