Sunday, 27 May 2018

Our chestnut tree in springtime - mixed media

The flower buds I have been drawing have come out of course. (The moment I am writing this, the flowers are all gone and little chestnuts-in-the-making have appeared)
The flowers of my chestnut tree are not the easiest to draw and paint for me, maybe also because I did not climb a ladder to make a close-up picture.
I did want to give it a try so I have made some reference pictures and selected one to work from. I could have chosen one with the flowers nicely back-lit, but that would look very much like my previous drawing and I want to show a bit more of my chestnut tree.

For this drawing I decided to make a watercolour under painting in the colours of the leaves that are fully grown now. With a white pencil I have tried to make the white flowers 'pop out' and that did not work as I hoped it would. So I used white gouache and achieved a result that is much more to my liking.
The leaves are done with different pencils and I have used a line marker for some of the outlines of the leaves, mostly the leaf tips.

This was another experiment getting to know my materials and exercising my drawing skills. I learned that drawing on this paper after I have applied a watercolour under painting is not as easy as drawing on untreated paper. It felt as if the paper 'rejected' some of the pencil marks, especially the watercolour pencils. Maybe I will have better results using a different paper.

More information about this drawing (materials used, size, availability) and the other paintings and drawings I made about my chestnut tree can be found at my website

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