Sunday, 20 May 2018

Our chestnut tree in springtime 2 - a watercolour pencil drawing

This spring I have given myself the challenge to make pictures of the budding of the leaves and flowers of our chestnut tree. The pictures have been made and occasionally I am making drawings or paintings.
This time I have made a drawing using water soluble pencils. I have not used water to make some of the colours stand out because I like the result as it is now.

The moment I made the reference picture for this drawing the leaves were not unfolded completely. The flower buds are a bit larger compared to the previous drawing.
Making pictures is not as easy as it seems, The Netherlands is a country where the wind is always blowing and I am always trying to make a nice close-up showing the leaves and flowers. Of course I get a lot of background in my reference picture, so I have to concentrate on the subject which in this case is a leaf and some of the flower buds.

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