Wednesday, 18 July 2018

In the Jungle....

This is another painting inspired by the prompts of WorldWatercolourMonth. For today it's 'In the Jungle' and as we don't have a real Jungle in The Netherlands I had to imagine something. The many documentaries I love to watch (on TV) have given me an idea of how a real Jungle might look like so this is the result.

I have started to make an underground with green, violet and some burnt sienna by letting the paint flow on the paper, just guiding it a little bit.
When that had dried I have tried to follow the shapes that had formed to draw my trees, one that was to be the most important and some more in the background.
Then I added some more violet or sienna to the spots that were already there to make them 'emerge' from the background.

All this is done on the Rough paper I had bought years ago to find out whether I would like that or not. I still have not decided yet. I do not dislike it, but on such a small size  paper the subjects I choose are different than usual. So I cannot successfully compare this paper to my other, Cold Pressed paper. 

More information (contact information, materials used, availability, etc) can be found at my website 

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