Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Almost apple pie - just add water and lots of love

July is WorldWatercolourMonth and I always like to paint some extra watercolours during that time. There are prompts given by the organisation of this event, Doodlewash. I do not have time or inspiration for all 31 prompts but I really want to make the most of it.

One of the prompts is 'Delicious Food' and of course I can try to paint a nice meal before it is eaten but this seemed a better idea. As my husband's birthday is very near, I am gathering ingredients and recipes for cookies, pies and dinner dishes.
This is almost all you need for a great apple pie, as I have said in the title, add just a little bit of water and lots of love  and the result is an example of Delicious Food!

Years ago I wanted to try rough paper - usually I have cold pressed, medium texture paper - and I was persuaded to buy a block of a small size. I did not use it much, because my landscapes need 'a bit more space'. This little still life seemed the perfect occasion to try the rough paper and I was not disappointed.
This quality needs just a little bit of water, perfect for a still life and the texture is nice to work on. I have chosen to work with a balanced palette of orange, mauve and turquoise I have used before.

The texts on the packages are in Dutch, just like they are when I buy these ingredients.
I took great care to make the colours of the apples and eggs look as natural as possible with my limited palette. 
Unfortunately I cannot get the picture better than it is now, the background paper should be white. Both camera and computer do not cooperate as much as I would like them to.

More information (paper and paints used, size, availability, etc) can be found at my website www.jannekesatelier.webs.com 

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