Monday, 6 August 2018

Workshop 'Metamorphosis'

My painting vacation was filled with lessons and workshops by our teacher and coach, Ad van Aart. The second morning was dedicated to 'Metamorphosis', starting from a very basic painting or drawing we had to add something new in the second painting, again in the third and fourth and.... as far as we could go. Every addition had to be reproduced in the next version before adding something new.

My beginning was one of the blind contour drawings of the morning before. I am sure no one will recognise the bunch of flowers standing near the gate of the garden but it makes a great starting point for 'unlimited creativity'. 
I added the lantern that is there in reality for the second version, number three had light and shadows and for number four I had to think a bit longer.
A surprising element was needed here, so I splashed some violet paint over my paper and started connecting the dots. A spider's web emerged and although it did not really change the initial base into something completely new, I do like the result. As I could not reproduce this stage it had to be the last one.

I have used light study paper here because that dries faster than the heavier watercolour paper I use normally. There are five colours in the initial drawing and two of these colours were used as Watercolour Markers for version two and three. For version four I only added violet paint.

This was a bit challenging, but really fun to do.

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