Monday, 25 June 2018

On the ramparts of Nieuwpoort

The little fortified town of Nieuwpoort (Netherlands) has preserved its ramparts in a beautiful manner. 
A signposted walk guided me over a part of the highest wall and I really appreciated the view I had of the town on one side and the moat on the other side. Of course there were modern houses, some fields and the river Lek to be seen besides the moat.

This view is towards the old town inside the ramparts. I had found a nice spot with a view on lots of trees, some roofs and a part of the structure of the ramparts.
I decided to make a sketch - like drawing using my Conté Sketching pencils. I have started with the Sepia pencil and have added Sanguine only for the roofs of the buildings and the foliage of the trees and bushes on the foreground.

Of course this is an experiment, as I did not explore the possibilities of the Conté pencils completely. In fact this drawing is part of that exploration.
I have not decided yet whether I will use this sketch/drawing to make a watercolour painting.

More information about this drawing (size, used materials, availability, etc) can be found at my website 

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