Thursday, 21 June 2018


From time to time I use a sketch that is published by the magazine Plaisirs de Peindre for my inspiration. This is one of these sketches and I have used it to get to know the art materials I have gathered a bit better.
Of course I love cats and kittens so I just had to use this sketch.

I have printed the sketch, taped it to my window, taped my paper over it and traced the lines. I really hope that one day I can sketch a kitten without all this preparation.
A few years ago I won a set of Conté Sketching Pencils in an online lottery and I have not used them very often. This is the set of materials I wanted to use for this drawing. 

These Sketching Pencils can be used in line drawings but I have also discovered that using my fingers I can feather the pencil marks, similar to charcoal. That is nice to know and great to use.
For the eyes I have chosen a blue pastel pencil (also from an online lottery and not used often).

The background in the original sketch is not more than a line under the kitten's paw so I have changed that into a part of a frame. Maybe he is walking up the stairs, or.....

Finally there was the question of the name for the kitten. My daughter suggested Pounce, inspired by a game character and I thought that to be a great name for my kitten.
Pounce is ready to explore the world - with some prudence.

More information about Pounce can be found on my website 

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