Sunday, 3 June 2018

Our chestnut tree; stormy weather in springtime - a charcoal drawing

This drawing is inspired on the view from my bathroom window, I can see the top of our chestnut tree when I am looking out of the little window.

The flowers from the chestnut tree are all gone now (the car parked under it does not have white sport any more) and there are lots of 'baby chestnuts' on the tree. In the next few weeks a lot of those little 'babies' will fall off too and only a few will grow out to be really big chestnuts that fall off in autumn.
The top of the tree is not 'full', there are lots of open spaces - for the birds to fly in - where the sky is still visible. The branches of the tree are visible too, maybe because the tree is not very old, only seventeen or eighteen years.

This was inspired on a very cloudy and dark evening, after sunset in the blue hour. We did have some evenings with thunderstorms in the past week and the sky was looking great with those clouds! The branches, leaves and 'baby chestnuts' are just a little more than silhouettes at that time of the day.
All these dark colours and silhouettes inspired me to make a charcoal drawing.

For this drawing I have not even made a reference picture. I have pictured the clouds from memory as they were that evening and I have been crossing the little corridor between my studio and the bathroom to take a look  at the tree several times while I was making my drawing. 

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